Ignite Ministerial Institute partners with Southwest District of the Assemblies of God to offer all the education required to be a certified, licensed or ordained minister through the Assemblies of God.


Ignite Ministerial Institute is designed for adults who desire to receive ministerial credentialing. 


One-Time Registration Fee: $106

Course Fee: $99 per class


Tuesdays, 7 PM – 10 PM

and Thursdays,  7 PM – 10 PM

2020-2021 CALENDAR

Course 1 | September 15th – October 1st 

Course 2 | October 6th – October 22nd

Course 3 | October 27th – November 12th

Course 4 | November 17th – December 10th

Course 5 | January 5th – January 21st 

Course 6 | January 29th – January  30th

Course 7 | February 2nd – February 18th

Course 8 | February 23rd – March 11th

Course 9 | March 19th - March 20th

Ministerial Credentials

BIB 116 - Life of Christ

A chronological study of the life and ministry of Christ taken from the four Gospels. The course is informative, inspired, and practical application.

BIB 221 - Intro to Hermeneutics

How to correctly interpret the Word of God. Includes 5 fundamental truths of Bible interpretation, plus a study of rhetoric figures in Scripture, Judaism, and symbolism.

BIB 112 - New Testament Survey

Analysis of Greek canon. Signals clue acts of each book of NT, with emphasis on NT books not covered in other courses. Covers chap. 1-3 and chap. 8-12

BIB 114 - Old Testament Survey

Analysis of Hebrew canon. Signals clue acts of each book of OT, with emphasis on OT books not covered in other courses.

TEO 211 - Pentecostal Doctrine

 A​ study of pneumatology, the distinctive Pentecostal doctrine of the Holy Spirit, focusing on the divinity and personality of the Spirit and the work of the Spirit in applying to believers the benefits of Christ’s work.​ 

TEO 142 - History and Governance of the Assemblies of God

Study of the history, ecclesiastic government of the fraternity, the Constitution and Statutes of the General Council in regard to ministers with credentials, local churches, and district councils.

BIB 115 - Acts: Lead by Fire

Study of the Acts of the Apostles, including the ministry of Christ raised by the Holy Spirit, through the Church. Presents the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church, the expansion of the Gospel, and the victories that Christ gave through the Spirit.

*Please read the Financial Information section in the Informational Guide before applying.

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